Meditation isn’t about stopping thoughts

This is from an email I received (years ago, in 2010) that shared an article written by: Martine Batchelor. I don’t know the title of the article but was probably published in Trycicle Magazine (

My notes:

Meditation isn’t about stopping thoughts, it’s about awareness.

  • Notice your thoughts: See where they lead you and recognize how often they repeat. This awareness also helps in daily life.
  • Focus techniques: Following your breath, sounds, or body awareness can help you stay present when thoughts distract you.
  • Types of thoughts:
    • Light: Natural mental activity – easier to work with.
    • Habitual: Repetitive grooves – meditation helps break them.
    • Intense: Hard to handle – meditation softens them over time.
  • Daydreams: They can be seductive, but rob us of the present moment. Recognizing them helps us return to reality.
  • Harnessing mental energy: Instead of wasting energy on daydreams, meditation helps redirect it towards creative imagination.

The key is to observe your thoughts without getting lost in them. Meditation helps you become aware of your inner mental world and gain better control over your focus.